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ISMS(Information Security Management System)certificate
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ISMS(Information Security Management System)certificate
ICT group of Kurosawa Engineering Ltd. has introduced Information Security Management System so that our client can make use of our service with a sense of security. We are positively strengthening our effort to enhance the balanced level of secrecy, completeness, availability of information property that we should protect. We are going to address ISMS continuously, improving and making it better, so that our client can rely on our service at ease.

Inspection of the third-party institution is executed whether ISMS is operated appropriately. We have acquired the certificate for conformity assessment of ISMS conformity assessment system. (ISO/IEC27001:2005)(JIS27001:2006)
  General description
Company name ICT Group, Kurosawa Engineering Ltd.
Certificate standard ISO/IEC27001:2013(JIS27001:2014)
Certificate registration No. IS 533813
Scope of registration 1.Temporary staffing services and job placement services
2.Software Development and Website Development
First registered date 2008/05/21
Expiry date 2020/05/20
Certification body BSI Management System Japan K.K.
Recognition organization British Standard Institution (UKAS), Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC)
Attestation mark ISMS
ISMS(Information Security Management System)
ISMS are the comprehensive frame for the enterprises to manage information appropriately and to observe security. ISMS indicates a risk management system in total that is not only technical security countermeasures of the computer system but also has the concrete plan based on a basic policy (security policy) when information is treated, executes the plan, operates, and includes even the review of the policy in every certain period.
  Certificate registration
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